Monday Motivation

Mondays are a tough start. They make me feel like the weekend was an impostor, like the freedom and the fun I had over the last two days was just a dream. As I get back into my routine Monday morning I’m usually a little grumpy, a little sad that it’s not Saturday afternoon anymore. But without the beginnings of Mondays we wouldn’t start down our path for the week, the path of getting things done, learning something, growing something. So even in my grumpiness I recognize that Mondays have value. They are literally a fresh start, and we determine how that start goes. Tough as it is, as prone to have something go wrong, Mondays are the beginning. If we can get through Monday, it seems like the rest of the days of the week will improve. So whether your Monday morning is routine, challenging or downright frustrating, get through it. Tuesday will be a better day.

monday awesome